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Megan Bell


Hi, I’m Megan, married to William – it’s our second marriage for us both so we understand some of the ups and downs that come with long term commitment to each other. I’m proud Mum to Becky, who is herself a Celebrant, she lives and works as a Sacred Celebrant in Cornwall (@willowceremonies). Becky and I also run a natural petal confetti business together (you can find out more @keslowenaconfetti!).

I enjoy photography (strictly amateur!), gardening and cookery (we make the best lasagne – and some pretty good ice cream!). My next project is to learn more about growing and working with willow.

William and I moved to Shropshire about 5 years ago and live in part of what was once a 16th century manor house – now more faded than grand and with more wildlife on the inside than the outside at times but still an amazing place to live!

I have been a nurse for over 30 years and nursing people through some of the worst (and sometimes best) times of their lives has been a huge privilege. As a qualified Celebrant I get to use all my experience to help people mark their rites of passage with joy, compassion - and fun! The power of a ceremony to mark the significant moments and rites of passage that we all live through during our lives – both joyful and sad cannot be under estimated – and for me, being able to create a ceremony that is both personal and hugely meaningful for everyone involved is what I find most rewarding. I’m looking forward to hearing from you and learning more about your story and how we can help you mark your special moments.

William Bell


Hi, I’m William, married to Megan. I’ve had a very diverse career including being a teacher, a driving instructor, a sub postmaster and a wedding caterer. My passions include running, football, cooking (we also make the best pizzas) and computer programming.

It is a privilege to be a Celebrant at a critical moment in other people’s lives. People coming together in moments of great happiness and great sadness is always positive and a triumph of the human spirit. Constructing the just perfect ceremony to capture the mood, the drama of the occasion, whilst making it completely personal, is both challenging and incredibly rewarding. That’s why I’m a Celebrant.

A team of celebrants

Megan and William

So what do you call a group of Celebrants; a carillion, a confidence, a calling…? We decided to keep it simple and just say what we are – a team. We are lucky as a couple in that we work well together, and Just Perfect Ceremonies is very much a team effort.

The advantage to you of us working as a close-knit team is that we will both be able to bring ideas and suggestions to the table when creating your ceremony and we are also twice as likely as other celebrants to have availability on your chosen dates, whilst also able to offer cover at short notice. – Two for the price of one you might say!

Whixhall Moss Shropshire
Whixhall Moss Shropshire
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