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Old Friend

The North Coast of Cornwall

In April 1919 we wrote our first blog entitled First Steps, announcing the start of our journey to become Celebrants as we began our training. Since then we have had the privilege to work with some amazing couples and families as we have conducted Handfastings, Wedding Ceremonies, Vow Renewals and Baby Naming Ceremonies. Even at the height of the pandemic, when the world was locked down, we undertook a commitment ceremony for a couple stuck in South Africa. Harnessing the power of Zoom, their family and friends in three different continents, were able to attend their ceremony and be part of the magic.

We look back on our First Steps and reflect on the excitement and optimism we had then - and still have, even more so. Our current excitement and optimism is due to another step we have taken. In fact, it is a very big step, we have moved to Cornwall!

Old Friend

The sky widens to Cornwall. A sense of sea

Hangs in the lichenous branches and still there’s light.

The road from its tunnel of blackthorn rises free

To a final height,

And over the west is glowing a mackerel sky

Whose opal fleece has faded to purple pink

By John Betjeman

Like John Betjeman before us, Cornwall for us has always been the place to be, the place to inspire, enjoy and breathe in. Our visits over the years were always too short and the journey’s there too long and torturous. All that has now changed.

Trebarwith Strand

Living here is amazing - and so different to short visits. We are finding new places that we never knew existed and seeing old places when they’re less crowded. We are seeing swallows in October, yes October; blue cloudless skies, a galaxy of stars that twinkle for our attention – and of course some proper Cornish rain now and then! We are also meeting and engaging with people who live here of course. As a visitor our contact with local people was necessarily constrained but we are finding warmth and friendliness where ever we go. No wonder we are smiling.

Since moving here we have made the long journey to Shropshire to conduct three ceremonies which were already booked and we will be making that journey again next year for another six ceremonies (and counting!).

We have always been happy to travel to perform ceremonies and we are very happy to continue taking on new work in other parts of the country, but our focus now will be in Cornwall.

William and Megan at Hanbury Wedding Barn Staffordshire


October 2021

A Cornish sunset
A Cornish sunset
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