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Virtual Ceremonies

virtual ceremony

Why Virtual?

There are many reasons why you might want to hold a virtual ceremony. The current restrictions on social gatherings is an obvious one, but even when some normality returns we will still offer virtual ceremonies to address other needs. Families and friends often live in different parts of the country, and indeed the world, and it is often impractical for everyone to attend a celebration, who would like to. A further consideration is of course cost. At a virtual party there is no venue hire, no catering or drink charges; everyone provides their own refreshments and no one needs to compromise their enjoyment so that they can drive everyone home at the end of the night!

Wedding Ceremonies

virtual ceremony

Perhaps your wedding can no longer take place on the date you had planned and it feels like that date will be marked by tears of sadness rather than joy. A virtual ceremony might be just perfect for you. A small ceremony, perhaps involving a simple ritual such as a handfasting or lighting a candle in front of your family and friends, can be used to declare your committment to each other on your special day. The day remains precious to you, you reinforce your committment to each other and everyone gets to join the party. What's not to like?!

guests at a virtual ceremony

Birthdays and Anniversaries

There might be many reasons why an elderly, family member might not be able to have the birthday celebration that you would want for them. As we get older all birthdays become significant and reduced social contact means it is valued even more. A virtual celebration can be a fantastic gift.

Let's not forget the other significant birthdays such as 40th, 21st and 18th that need to be marked and appropriately celebrated.

Naming Ceremonies

There has been a steady growth in demand for naming ceremonies over the last few years. The need to welcome a child into the family and community does not diminish because of a pandemic! That need can be met by a joyful virtual ceremony and we would love to help you with that.

Retirement and Redundancy

Our rapidly changing world is impacting even on how we can say goodbye to colleages and friends; sometimes that change is not of our choosing. Ceremonies have always been used to mark transitions in people's lives, to celebrate the good memories and to look forward to new adventures. Better the rite of passage be performed virtually than not at all.

Just Perfect

Whatever the occasion that you want to celebrate, we will be happy to work with you and deliver an appropriate and uplifting ceremony to mark the event for you and your guests.

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